Initial value 0 in deterministic simulation

Dear all,

I have a very strange issue in my deterministic simulation. I have a model with 59 variables. All their initial values are set to the steady state values through initval command. There is no problem with the steady state.
For a weird reason, from the 27th variable (ordered as declared) onward all variables get 0 as initial value (period 1). For their end value even though I have specify to be the SS. These variables get arbitrary values.
The rest of the variables get their correct initial and end variables (SS).

When I change the ordering of the variables, the perfect foresight solver cannot find a solution!



What you describe here looks very strange. Could you post a mod file?


Hi Stephan,

I wanted to see if this is something that has already mentioned.

I have found a way out. It was a problem with the mat files I was loading in Dynare. These include the ss values for initval and endval. Since I change their name to something else, things work out. Still there are some problems though.

If I don’t find a way out I will post it here. I will give an update.