Info=stoch_simul(nograph) do not work

in file my.mod the following code don’t work.

if info(1)


Because dynare_m.exe translate my.mod to my.m only support
stoch_simul(nograph,noprint) or info=stoch_simul().
if use info=stoch_simul(nograph,noprint) then stoch_simul.m will go to error.

The reason why use if info(1) is because I encounter the following problem:
Error using print_info (line 36)
The generalized Schur (QZ) decomposition failed. For more information, see the documentation
for Lapack function dgges: info=27, n=27
I want use info(1) to do some work after this error.

Just use

stoch_simul(nograph,noprint) if info(1) ... end
The first line should be correctly translated by the preprocessor to

info = stoch_simul(var_list_);
which should allow you to access info.

that will work this problem.