Indeterminacy/Rank failure

Dear all,
I am currently developing a three country model with oil. I have run into a determinacy problem and now try to find out where it comes from. I have run various versions of the code, for instance a two country version, and also have removed equations which are not necessary for the solution of the model. It seems that it is not simply the number of unstable /stable eivenvalues which is deficient, but that there is a rank failure. I understand that rank failure means that there is redundante equation and hence a missing equation as well. Do you have any suggestions about how I may proceed to detect the problem? I have added the mod file. Your help would be most appreciated!
Oilmodel_twocountry_j.mod (29.9 KB)


and you will see the problematic equations.

I have the same question. Then I ran the " model_diagnostics(M_,options_,oo_)", and there was no error report. So how to fix this question? Many thanks!