Increase number of decimal places in output? How to find “disp_th_moments.m” document?

Dear all,
I am working on a DSGE model - welfare analysis. The simulation produces only 4 decimal places. I want to change it from 4 to 8.

I have searched online which says go to “disp_th_moments.m”, There you will find calls to dyntable like “dyntable(options_,title,headers,labels,z,lh,11,4)”

This solution apparently worked for other people. But I CANNOT FIND “disp_th_moments.m”. I am using MATLAB R2016a. Is there anyone who can help me find the document? Thank you very much!!!

You can find the file in the matlab-subfolder of your Dynare installation.

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Thank you so much! I found it!

Good morning professor,
After find the file “disp_th_moments.m”, How can I change the number of decimals of the dynare output?

Thanks in advance


means 11 digits, of which 4 are after the decimal separator.

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