Inconsisten shock decomposition with/without stoch_simul

Dear professors,
We are trying to plot the shock decompositions. We found there is a very strange issue that we cannot figure out why. Basically, if we disable line 226 stoch_simul, we plot a set of shock decompositions. Then we enable this line to plot another set. Then we found that there is a difference between them. We also check the ghx and ghu from these two scenarios are different. I attached the mod file and relevant data needed.
BenchmarkModel_DECOMP.mod (7.5 KB)
BenchmarkModel_DECOMP_steadystate.m (3.1 KB)
Data_BenchmarkModel_2008Q1_2019Q4.mat (3.2 KB)
para_BenchmarkModel.mat (1.2 KB)
para_DECOMP.mat (303 Bytes)
Shocks_std.mat (243 Bytes)

The steady state helper is missing. But why is your steady state file loading parameters and therefore overwriting any settings done by Dynare?

Hi Professor,
Thanks for your reply. Please see the helper file below. The reason I need to load the parameters in the steady state file because dynare mod file is in a loop when searching parameters. I ensured the loading parameters is consistent with the ones in the mod file. Can you please help me to solve this enquiry regarding the inconsistent shock decomposition problem?
BenchmarkModel_steadystate_helper.m (423 Bytes)

Please use Dynare 4.6.4. There the problem is gone.
BenchmarkModel_DECOMP_46.mod (7.5 KB)
BenchmarkModel_DECOMP_46_steadystate.m (2.9 KB)

Also note that there should never be a reason to load parameters in the steady state file.

Hi Professor,
Many thanks for your help. We have updated our dynare. I also deleted the loading parameters. You also solved one of my enquiries regarding the steady-state file.