Impulse Response in OccBin

Hi everyone

I’m confused with how to draw usual impulse response in case of

occasionally binding constraints ( as dynare routinely does without such constraint )

in dynare version 5.

My purpose is to draw impulse response in case of Gali and Monacelli(2005)

with downward nominal wage rigidity and fixed exchange rate ( e = 0 ).

DNWRPEG.mod (6.0 KB)

Attached file is .mod file I’m working on.

Thanks a lot for your help!


the file params_peg is missing.
What exactly is your question?
Drawing the IRFs could be done by Dynare with occbin_graph(noconstant) or manually
by using the IRFs stored in oo_.occbin.simul.piecewise

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Dear Max1

Thanks for your fast reply

Sorry for missed file, and I attached both files

DNWRPEG.mod (5.9 KB)

params_peg.mat (988 Bytes)

My question is about drawing impulse response for one-time one unit shock in OccBin,

, however the following block


var e_z1_star;

periods 1;

values 1;


seems not proper way to draw usual impulse response graph.

, and one more question

Is there any way to recover theoretical moments of variables, for example ;

pi_pos = strmatch(‘pi’, M_.endo_names, ‘exact’);


It cannot find oo_.var T T

Thanks again!

Yes, there is a bug, see here occbin: fix bug if there is only a surprise shock in the first period (3b592534) · Commits · Dynare / dynare · GitLab

Theoretical moments are not computed with OccBin.
You need to compute the empirical moments.

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Dear Max1,

I see.

Thanks for your great help!

Your prompt reply saved me.

Have a nice day!