Impulse Response function percentage deviations

Hello everyone, I have a trivial question but I cannot understand the interpretation of IRF.
I put my log linearised model inside dynare and I get irf by stoch_simul(irf=20, order=1, nograph, nofunctions). Then I plot oo_.irfs.R_shock*100 because I want to get percentage deviations from the steady state.
Is it correct ?

Thank you in advance

When your model is log-linearized, the IRFs are in percent, i.e. 0.01 means 1%.

Thank you, Professor Pfeifer.
Having set very very small SD of the shocks, I think it is useful then to multiply IRF by 100 at least to avoid seing for instance 10^-3.

The multiplication by 100 means the results are measured now in percent, which is what you desired.