I need DSGE Online course, or material for DSGE course

I’m looking for DSGE online course, or any body has good material for DSGE course share it with me

A good starting point are the notes by Eric Sims. Also

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Thank you so much for this,
if you have an example with numbers pls provide it to me
and I’m looking for online course for DSGE model, do you know where can I find it, or you have it

What do you mean with “numbers”? For my course, the codes online are online.

Thank you so much for your reply


If I don’t have prior values for the parameters
I want numerical example, to understand, explain how to use matrix and how to order the parameters in the matrix, and how to estimate them.

If I have prior values for the parameters
How to calibrate them

I don’t want code for this, I want to understand every thing about estimating and calibration the parameters mathematically

Thanks again