I have a problem of saving simulated variables

Dear all .

I’m working on a master’s degree in economics.

I would like to simulate a new keynesian model which have 15 endogenous variables and a exogenous variable with matlab.

I use the “stoch_simul” with option “HP filter=1600” and the “dynasave (dnkm_rs) VARIABLE_NAME” for saving simulated variables :smiley: . But I can’t find any different results between using the “stoch_simul” with option “HP filter=1600” alone and using both.

I can find a FILE_NAME_result.mat file. I would like to know whether I can turn the file to practical use. (I can’t find the details of the dynare manual with HTML version)



Dear Kim,

hpfilter=1600 is only used for computing theoretical moments from algebraic properties, not simulated variables.
For simulated variable, HP filter isn’t available

FILE_NAME_results.mat contains oo_ and dr_ depending on the procedures used in the mod file. oo_ and dr_ are Matlab structures and some of their fileds are explained under Output in the manual

Kind regards