I can't get filename_results.mat from dynare

Hi, I am a dynare new user, i have already learnt how to simulate and estimate on it. But I am not able to retrieve the results. I went through C:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab and i was looking for filename_results.mat, but I just found a file named filename_results as microsoft office access shorcut, so that file was not created while I ran my code. I don’t know what i did wrong, can you help me?. I’d really appreciate it. thx.

Dear Marolac,

the file filename_results is in the folder where you run your filename.mod file, it is not part of the Dynare source code.

Can you find it now?


Hi Pavel, thx for ur help…so the code.mod i ran is in this path C:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab. Do i have to change the path?. i guess that is not the problem, or is it?.


I suggest to use a different repertory than the Dynare one to avoid potential conflicts. For instance try to copy ur folder containing ur mod-file in ur C drive or ur Desktop, then go to the matlab command window, specify the right path, run ur mod-file and type the command “ls” to display all the files belonging to ur repertory.
Now you should see what u r looking for ie “filename_results.mat”.

Hope this help