How to write _steadystate file

Hi, I would like to ask one more question. I still do not understand how to write a _steadystate.m file.
I write a standard rbc model. But when I check by hand, the result obtained from _steadystate file is right. But when I put it into dynare, it always told me that some equations do not equal to 0 and the steady states are wrong.
Could anyone help me on this?
Thank you sooooo much!
RBC0_steadystate.m (1.71 KB)


could you post the mod-file associated plz?


RBC0.mod (501 Bytes)


there are 2 ways to declare your steady-state calculations you obtained by hand, either directly in the block initval (see the corrected mod-file ‘RBC0’ I’m attaching ) or in a steady-steate mfile (see the attached files ‘RBC02’ and ‘RBCO2_steadystate’). Precisely in that last case, you don’t have to use the initval block, dynare will go directly in ur ss mfile to find the guess values…

RBC02_steadystate.m (1.71 KB)
RBC02.mod (471 Bytes)
RBC0.mod (710 Bytes)

thank you sooo much
I have figured it out.