How to supress the output of Steady states results

I need to supress any screen display when running loops of the complied mod file (which is m file) in Matlab. I have used the noprint option but I still get the steady state results output in the screen like the following. Anyone can give me some suggestion?
I use the steady command in the mod file. Do I have to use the steady command to ensure the mod file work?


cp 0.994157
rr 1.0101
b 2.12157
q 12.3494
h 0.194978
infl 1
X 1.1
R 1.0101
Y 1
c 0.00584275
hp 0.805022
sdf 0.99
lam 1.71152
L 0.888054
vp 1
w 0.992978
inflp 1
x1 3.53045
x2 3.8835
lR 0.0100503
lY 0
lpi 0
lq 2.51361
llam 0.537383
A 1.17846
Total computing time : 0h00m01s

Hi ahnulxy,

You can have a look at @jpfeifer 's reply in this thread

You don’t need the steady command. It is only for displaying steady states. Whenever other computations in Dynare require the steady state, they will compute it.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the reply. I finally get it.