How to set date in historical decomposition dynare

I want to put quarterly dates starting in 200Q2 on horizontal axis of graphs of my shock decompositions?
How could I do this?

ts = dseries(‘fsdat_simul.m’);

data(series=ts, first_obs=1950Q3, last_obs=2000Q3);

disp(‘First date is $1950Q3’)

This doesn’t work

Please provide the full codes.

I’m sorry for my late reply.

data.m (1.0 KB)

rbc_level_lag.mod (3.6 KB)

Dear @jpfeifer , I fixed the previous problem.
But I want to do the same thing with smoothed shocks. Is it possible?

I would recommend you simply construct the graph from the output in oo_.SmoothedShocks

can i know how you fix the problem related to the historical decomposition?

go to C:\dynare\4.5.7\matlab, open plot_shock_decomposition.m, In line 82 replace

initial_date = dates(‘1Y’) with for example initial_date = dates(‘2004’); and keep your .mod file and

modified plot_shock_decomposition.m file in the same directory (folder)