How to save Dynare generated files into the relevant folder


I am using Dynare 4.1.0 with Matlab 6.5. After running the command " dynare RBC.mod " in Matlab, I get a folder with the name RBC and five files, i.e., RBC.txt RBC.m RBC_dynamic.m RBC_static.m RBC_results.mat

However, the five files are saved automatically in the same folder as the .mod file rather than saved in the folder “RBC”.

How should I make some changes so that the five files can be automatically saved in the folder RBC?



This possibility doesn’t exist at this time in Dynare: intermediary files are always created in the same directory than the one containing the MOD file.


Is this option stil not available? I have the same problem, 7 years later.

No, it is not available, because it simply is not a major development priority.