How to run dynare++ on Unix

According to “Dynare++ tutorial.pdf”, I just downloaded and unzipped Dynare++1.3.3 package at one of my directories on Unix system. Then, I created a model file that is the same as example1.mod in that directory. Within that directory, I typed in “dynare++ example.mod” at the prompt on Unix. But, I got the following message: “dynare++: Command not found.”

I am very familiar with Dynare at Matlab on Window, but I am not familiar with Unix system. I am not sure if I did it in the right way. What should I need to run a specific model file by using Dynare++ on Unix.

If dynare++ and example1.mod are in the same directory, type

./dynare++ example1.mod

If dynare++ and example1.mod aren’t in the same directory, you need to chande directory to the directory where example1.mod is and give the full path to access dynare++