How to plot the IR before and after a shock

Hi everyone (first post here),

I am trying to replicate some figures from Carlstrom & Fuerst (1997).

Their figures include the impulse response functions with a few periods before a shock (in steady-state):

I know this question has already been asked, but I do not understand the code that Johannes Pfeifer provided as a solution:

plot([-5:options_.irf],[zeros(6,1); y_e])

  • Where do I use this bit of code?
  • Where can I find documentation on plot(,)?

I will be very grateful if anyone can explain how to do this in Dynare.

CF97.mod (3.1 KB)

plot is a Matlab function (see 2-D line plot - MATLAB plot)
The bit of code simply concatenates 6 zeros with the Dynare IRF in user-made figures.