How to find oo_.dr.ghs2 in dynare?


I wanted to store the constants as displayed in the ‘policy and transition function’. I noticed this was asked and answered before: How to store the constant term in policy and transition func. However when I tried it myself I was not able to find oo_.dr.ghs2 for ‘correction’., and I dont know what was wrong. :open_mouth: - I tested it using V.4.3.0, also with V.3. I cannot find this 'oo_.dr.ghs2 ’ in either version, though I can find ghx and ghu as normal. I was using 2nd order approx. , thus for simulation I put: stoch_simul(order=2)…Anyone could suggest what might be the problem? Has it to do with version?

Any help will be very much appreciated.


It should be there. Do you have ghxx or ghuu? If not, you are doing first order.

Thanks Jpfeifer! That’s what I suspect too. But isnt it too that once ‘order’ is set to 2 dynare does 2nd order? I think even if we leave this argument blank (so ‘stoch_simul’ only) Dynare will do second order by default…