How to draw IRF in a deterministic model

Dear sir,
I have a deterministic model, I do simul (periods = 40,robust_lin_solve);, and get the simulated data, but how do I get the IRF graphs?
In stochastic model, it graphs automatically, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for deterministic models, or we plot irfs by calling “plot(-oo_.irfs.y_eps_xi*)”.
How about deterministic model, there is no such comments of irfs. How can we plot irfs(impulse reponses) of determinitic model?
Looking forward to your reply!

Use the rplot-command. E.g.

rplot y;

See also Pfeifer (2014): An Introduction to Graphs in Dynare;

I used the rplot-command, but it’s a trajectory map of simulated data, not an IRF.

Please provide the full codes.

Ok, this is my full codes, and it’s a deterministic simulation, and I used rplot command to draw a trajectory simulation_a.mod (3.1 KB) I’d like to draw a impulse response diagram.

Maybe the confusion is in the terminology. What do you consider an IRF to be in the deterministic context? See also Impuse response figure

Professor Feifer, it should be a mistake in my previous statement. I’ll describe my problem again. I do a deterministic simulation of this model file and use the rplot command to draw a trajectory diagram of the simulation values of each variable, but I want to do impulse response diagrams like random simulations

Please clarify what you consider

to be. As detailed in the previous link, perfect foresight is different from stochastic simulations.

Thank you for your reply,I have just read the previous answer you sent me. I would like to explain my understanding that there is no pulse in the deterministic model, so there is no IRF.
I originally wanted to draw similar figures to stoch_simul commands based on the current deterministic model

An IRF as commonly understood is just the trajectory of the variables after a shock. Your simulated trajectory does that. The only difference usually is that for stochastic IRFs, you plot the relative to the initial steady state. You could of course do the same for deterministic simulations.

Well, I see what you mean. Thank you very much, Professor Feifer.