How to combine two curve in one picture indynare?

HI,I have a question about the figure.
In a dynare code,for example,In BGG model,I use the taylor rule represent the monetary policy rule,which means “i=1.5inflation +0.5output”,and it can figure the curve of the impulse of the technology shock.And if I change the parameter of the rule as “i=1.5inflation +0.8output”,then it also give me anther curve of the impulse of the technology shock.
I need compare the effect of the different parameter of the rule,so I want to combine the two curve in one picture.
Can you so kind tell me how to write the command in the dyanre?

Please search the forum. There are numerous answers, e.g. [Multiple IRFs on 1 graph) and [Multiple Shocks and Multiple Plots (2 Questions))