How to coexist two version of dynare

Hi, guys
when I have been installing dynare 4.6.4, the program auto-uninstalled dynare 4.5.7. and when uninstalling dynare 4.5.7, the process auto-uninstalled dynare 4.6.4

How to coexist the two version of dynare?

Thanks in advanced.

Which operating system are you on? In Windows that does not happen.

on macOS 11

How did you install Dynare there?

default installation of all

Via Homebrew? Or the installer?

installer, double click dynare-4.5.7.pkg

It seems like that the 4.6.* installer auto-uninstalls any 4.5.* versions on MacOS, I can replicate this.

A workaround:
Reinstall 4.5.7. Then go into /Applications/Dynare and move the folder 4.5.7 to some other location. Then install 4.6.4 and move 4.5.7 back to /Applications/Dynare.

It’s ok. Thanks.

MacOS installer dynare 4.6.2 did not auto uninstall/overwrite other Dynare version