How can I write dynare code based on stata code

Deal all,Recently I got Stata code for a model,How can I write dynaee files based on ststa files?

Could you provide the file?

Thank you for your reply. This code is for this paper:“ An Estimated Small Open Economy Model of the Financial Accelerator" (606.8 KB)

The Stata files do not belong to the paper you mention. As the .do-file states:

This is the STATA replication file for “How Does the Global Economic Environment
Influence the Demand for IMF Resources?” by Selim Elekdag to be published in IMF
Staff Paper in 2008 (previously IMF Working Paper WP/06/239,

Stata was not able to estimate DSGE models until recently.

I’ll email the IMF, Thank you so much!

Stata 15 had been able to estimate linear DSGE models using ML method

Yes, but that was only in 2017, the paper in question is from 2006