How can I tell Dynare not to create files of figures?


Dynare always saves figures of Impulse Response Functions in .eps, .pdf and matlab format. A problem with that is that my hard disk gets filled up with all these files every time I run a model. Is there a way, possibly as an option, to tell Dynare NOT to save figures of the impulse responses? Thanks!


Have you tried the “nograph” option? (see the reference manual) At least with “stoch_simul”, it will prevent Dynare from saving IRF graphs. In the case of estimation, it seems that it will prevent Dynare from displaying graphs but not from saving files. This is something we should improve.


One alternative could be:
Create a matlab function clean_dynare_output.m that contains for example:

delete *_IRF_* delete *_dynamic.m delete *_static.m delete *.jnl delete *.log delete *.eps delete *.pdf

(or specify whatever you think you don’t need)

and call clean_dynare_output; at the end of the *.mod file.

PS: Be careful in using it: if you have for example other .pdf files, it will erase also those. You might want to modify the ‘delete *.pdf’ command appropriately so that this does not happen.