How can I specify which model to use with the command steady

With command steady, I would like to specify which model to use for computing the steady state.

In my .mod file, I first declare all the variables of the model, after I declare the model and the initial values, and then I use the command steady to compute the steady state of the model. For computing the steady state, (with the command steady) I would like Dynare to use a different model then the one declared before (in the file .mod).

How can I specify to Dynare which model to use with the command steady?

Thank you!

  1. If you can solve the steady state recursively write a Matlab function with the name _steadystate.m
    This function must return the steady state of the variables in alphabetical order and info, a indicator equal to zero when the computation is OK and equal to 1 if it isn’t possible to compute the steadystate for particular parameter values. Look at the example in fs2000a.mod

  2. If you need to use the nonlinear solver coming with DYNARE,
    a) write a different model file with the steady state model
    b) make sure that the two models have exactly the same variables
    c) save the variable ys_ in some Matlab binary file
    d) in the dynamic model file, load ys_ previously computed instead of using initval

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