Historical decomposition - Init val

Hello everyone:

I am trying to plot a historical decomposition of an observable variable using plot_shock_decomposition. I have a couple of questions:

  1. when using the shock_groups option, how can I group the Initial Value. I’ve already grouped other shocks but don’t know how to include Initial Values:

shock_groups(name = hola);
‘Monetary Policy Shock’ = eps_RT;
‘Terms of Trade Shock’ = eps_TOT;
‘Export Productivity Shock’ = eps_AA_x;
‘Productivity Shock’ = eps_AA;
‘Others’ = eps_RR, eps_YY, eps_INV, eps_CC, eps_YYx_OBS;

  1. Can I modify de xticks labels to place the years instead of number of periods?

Thank you very much

  1. From what I can see, that is not feasible. @rattoma should know more.
  2. When using a dseries-object to load the data. See Placing dates on the horizontal axis of historical shock decomposition shocks