HELP! queationes about codes written by GIOVANNI LOMBARDO

Hi, everyone!
I read the paper ‘Global implications of national unconventional policies’ and try to replicate the results in it, like IRFs, grid plots and so on. Fortunately I found the matlab codes in author’s homepage. However, when I ran the FAO_CP_port_D_negmean_JME.mod in dynare, it showed nothing but all the steady state values of the variables and

sth like this:



I don’t know what’s the problem with it.

can anyone help me?
many many thanks!
PS: the m files are the matlab functions used by the mod file.
find_incell.m (753 Bytes)
cond_mom_dyn4.m (6.17 KB)
str2cell.m (260 Bytes)
cell2str.m (756 Bytes) (93.6 KB)

I have solved the problem. Thanks for the attention.