Help on downloading Dynare V. 4.0.0

Dear all:
I´m trying to download the new non-beta version of Dynare v. 4.0.0, but since I´m quite new in Linux I find a bit confussing the instructions given in *
Can someone give me some insights on what I should do to download the *.exe file?
Is it not possible to have the *.exe file available as a “save file”, such as the previous version 3 was?
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NB: * new url


Is your linux distribution a Debian or an Ubuntu ? If it is, the instructions given should be very simple to follow. All you have to do is to properly configure your package manager, which does all the job of downloading and installing all the software on your system. It is pretty different from Windows: under Windows, you have to manually pick up the packages for your software on dozens of different websites; under Linux, everything is centralized through the package manager. Please refer to your Linux distribution documentation to learn how to use the package manager.

If your Linux distribution is neither Debian nor Ubuntu, then you have to download the source package (the .tgz) on the Dynare website, then uncompress it, and recompile everything according to the instructions on: *



NB: new url