Help for equation

Schermata 2020-08-27 alle 18.19.23

Can someone kindly tell me how to transcribe the first two equations of this attached file on dynare? Thank you

What do you mean with


I would like to know how to write the first two equations on the dynare file

That is not a precise question. What is your problem with those equations? Did you already give them a try? Which error appears?

yes I have already tried them and matlab continues to report errors for the ‘(’.
here’s how I entered them

(1+gi)^(teta)teta((ln©-(log©-log(steady_state©)))*(+1)-(ln©-(log©-log(steady_state©))))=ln®beta(log®-(log®-log(steady_state®)) ;


Then please provide the full mod-file. Also always provide the full error message and format code you paste as such with the markup functions provided by the forum software.