Help about Matlab toolboxes and DSGE modelling

Hi everyone, I am relatively new in DSGE models but I am aiming to build a DSGE model for my Ph.D. thesis. I am planning to purchase Matlab student edition. I need some advice about the toolboxes. As an economist willing to specialize in DSGE modeling and time series econometrics do I need an extra toolbox in addition to the student edition MATLAB? Or the student edition includes everything I need?

Secondly, I am planning to study the implications of capital flows for emerging market economies. I can solve and replicate small-scale DSGE models. But this will be my first attempt to build my own model. So any recommendation about related good papers or resources about DSGE model construction will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The student version includes pretty much everything you need. The Econometrics-Toolbox is sometimes nice to have.

There are various textbooks, but not good guides on how to approach your own research. That is usually the job of advisors.

Thank you very much.