HANK and SAM replication

Hello! I am a beginner of DYNARE.

Do someone here already try to replicate a HANK and SAM model by using DYNARE??
(Macroeconomic Fluctuations with HANK and SAM: an Analytical Approach: Mavn and Sterk (2018))

Is it possible to replicate their model by using DYNARE?

Many thanks!

There are ways to solve these models with Dynare-based toolboxes like the one of Thomas Winberry. But with its default version you cannot solve heterogeneous agent models.

Thank you for your reply!!
Isn’t Ravn and Sterk (2018) replicable using DYNARE? They argue their model is tractable…

Tractable does not automatically imply that it can be solved using perturbation techniques.

Thumbs up for the Winberry algorithm. I found that it is quite doable to nest a NK framework inside his Krusell and Smith shell. I do not know Ravn and Sterk (2018), but if you are interested you might want to lookup also algoritms such as Reiters and Den Haan. If the model is not too rich should be doable, up to some simplifications.