GSA DEMO_file Error

Hello everyone.
I got the next problem:
After starting the ls2003.mod example from GSA demos (dynare/tests/gsa at master · DynareTeam/dynare · GitHub) in Dynare (Version 4.4.3; 4.5.2) under Matlab (R2015a) I get, with error message:

NOW I DO STABILITY MAPPING and prepare sample for Reduced form Mapping

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Attempt to execute SCRIPT qmc_sequence as a function:
D:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Production Server\R2015a\4.4.3\matlab\qmc_sequence.m
Error in stab_map_ (line 130)
[lpmat] = qmc_sequence(np, int64(1), 0, Nsam)’;
Error in dynare_sensitivity (line 230)
x0 = stab_map_(OutputDirectoryName,options_gsa);
Error in ls (line 229)
Error in dynare (line 180)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

How could I solve this problem?
Had anybody had the same problem? I couldn’t find any topics with that problem.

There is something strange going on with the paths. qmc_sequence of Dynare is a mex-file located in \dynare\4.*.*\mex\matlab. Why is there an m-file with the same name in a subfolder of the Matlab installation?

Hi Prof. Pfeifer,
I have a theoretical question.
Which option for the command dynare_sensitivity(…) can be used to find the Smirnov-Kolmogorov d-statistics (GSA) for all model parameters. The command dynare_sensitivity; determines these statistics only for critical parameters.
Thank you,

Sorry for the delay. All results of the tests seem to be saved to the disk, but I have a hard time identifying the correct output. It may take a while more.