Graphs in v4


does anybody know the commands to control which variables are plotted in the IR (to select which variables to shock and which shocks to show)?

Or where could I look this?


Dear Peterpierre,

If I have understood your question I think that this might be the solution:

stoch_simul() x y z;

In this way you will get only IRFs for x, y, and z. To pick up the shock just tell dynare to shock the only exogenous variable you are interest in.


thanks a lot!

You were very helpful!!!

But if I have several shocks in my model, and I just want the IRF of, for example, consumption to shock1, how do I tell Dynare to shock only shock1?

if I write:
stoch_simul(order = 1, irf=40) c;

then all shocks to the variable c are plotted.

I tried to shut down the variance for the other shocks (ie shocks different from shock1) but I was wondering if it is possible to do this in the stoch_simul command

Thanks again!!!