Graphics after of simulations

I’m looking at rule alternatives with a DSGE. Someone could explain to me, how I can extract the data that each simulation gives me to be graphed all together?, what command I should use ? or how I can use matlab to do so?.



Which object exactly do you mean with


I guess you would like to extract your computational results like IRFs and moments?
They are stored in oo_.

E.g. the IRFs are stored in the workspace variable oo_.irfs

thanks, yes that is what I meant

Thank you for your attention.
With each rule that I am testing, I do a simulation. I want to combine the results of all the simulations in the same graph to see the effects.
Is it possible to do it with dynare? or should i use excel?

You can save the results of the IRFs with Matlab and after computing all the IRFs you are looking for you can tell Matlab in the final line of your mod.-file to load the results and plot it.

Maybe this is useful: Q: combining IRFs into subplotted figures & iterating?

Thanks for your attention