Graphical results in a deterministic model simulation

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simulate a New Keynesian model to study the effects of changes in fiscal policies on the economy. However, I took both taxes and government spending as deterministic and Dynare does not provide an amazing output when executing the file.
I found some papers that include commands such as “figures”, “plot” or “subplot” to instruct Dynare about how to depict the graphical results of this deterministic model.
In also need graphical results in my analysis.
Can anybody tell me which is the rule to transcript this part of the code?

Thank you so much!

See the manual on rplot for a Dynare feature for plotting. Alternatively, the manual states where the results are stored. Use Matlab plotting tools to create any graph you like.

Thank you for your reply, but I cannot see the link or Manual you sent me.

I did not send it. It is in the doc-folder of any Dynare installation: dynare.pdf.