Global sensitivity analysis and indeterminacy

Hi Professor, I have been always troubledd by the model indeterminacy problem. I can not find any combination of parameters to ensure a stable model. I have recently noticed that global_sensitivity_analysis might help me to find a set of parameters to ensure stability. Am I correctly understanding that? However, I am new to parameter identification and was trying to learn it based on the manual. I can not still understand how to achieve this goal. Could you please help me to figure it out? like, which command exactly to explore the combination of determinate parameters even without observable variables and how to get the exact results and understand it. In addition, I have another question, may I conduct the identification without obsvar? because I only seek to the combination of parameters to ensure determinacy instead of estimating? I would appreciate a lot if you could give me any clue.

If you are unable to get a unique determinate solution in your model, the problem is almost always a timing issue, not the a problem with parameter values. After all, the sensitivity analysis will just randomly test parameter vectors, something which you probably have tried, but guided by economic theory.