Getting error in dynare 4.5.2

I am getting this message when I run in dynare 4.5.2:

Undefined function ‘isstring’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

Error in isfile (line 52)
if ~isoctave() && isstring(b) && length(b)>1 && isvector(b)

Error in CheckPath (line 46)
if isfile(DirectoryName)

I don’t get this message in dynare 4.5.1. I attach my mod (194.3 KB)

Thanks for reporting. I am sorry for the bug. it’s my fault, the string type has only been introduced recently in matlab and I forgot to add a test for the version. Temporary quick fix is to replace:

if ~isoctave() && isstring(b) && length(b)>1 && isvector(b)


if false

on line 52, or you can safely remove the block.

The fix, with a proper test on matlab’s version, will be published in 4.5.3.


Thanks a lot dear Stepan.

The patched proposed by @jpfeifer two days ago has been merged in 4.5 branch. Unfortunately I missed the patch before the release… It will be in the next one (November). You can replace the isfile.m by this version (in the matlab/missing/isfile folder).


Dear Aldo, Finally I managed to push a new release, with the patch for the issue you reported. See Release of Dynare 4.5.3.


Great dear Stepan.
I am using version 4.5.3 now.