Get high quality figures from Dynare with mouse

Hi everyone,

Just now I found a very easy way to get high quality figures from Matlab/Dynare, don’t have to write codes, just click your mouse.

Run your code–get figures–click “File” in the figure window–choose “Save as”–click “Format”–choose “Scalable Vector Graphics file (*.svg)”–a *.svg file of your figure will be created–but *.svg is not a common file format, then–open the *.svg (usually in Browser), save it as PDF or print it as PDF–then you will get a PDF file of your figure, and with “Vector feature”, that is no matter how big you zoom in the figure, the lines and numbers and so on will not lose their qualities.

Hope this can help.

Xuenan Xing

Using the GUI (and mouse) to build graphics is commonly seen as very bad practice. It is very difficult to reproduce a figure with this approach, and it does not permit code factorization (since there is no code).