Generate Vector Autocorrelation Functions


on basis of the working paper of Ireland (2001) “Money’s Role in the monetary Business Cycle” I want to calibrate the model by some preference shocks.

My problem is that I cannot generate the Vector Autocorrelation Functions and I cannot create a plot.

It would be great if someone can help me.

Files are attached.

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RenateCodes_Dynare.txt (7.2 KB)

You are not writing a proper loop. Have a look at the middle part of

What exactly are you trying to do, i.e. over which parameter do you want to loop and what is the object you want to read out in the loop?

Hello Mr. Pfeifer,

thank you for your answer and for the helpful file.

My goal is to measure the sensitivity of output and inflation on the basis of changes in preferences of real balances. I’m interesting in such a research question because of the modified Taylor rule of this paper. This interest rate rule allows the monetary authority to adjust the short term interest rate as well as being responsible to changes in money growth.

Therefore I want to generat a preference shocks on the real balances and plot the impact on output and inflation ideally in one graph.

Finally I also want to plot the Vector Autocorrelation Funstions, but therefore I need to understand Dynare even more.

Model_File.txt (9.6 KB)