Generate new statistics and tables

Dear all,

How to generate new statistics and tables such as the standard deviation relative to output in Dynare? Here is a example which generates the standard deviations relative to mean, however, I have no idea what these codes mean, especially the last three numbers 10,8, 4. Could anyone kindly help explain it and introduce the the mothods? Thanks!

statistic1 = 100*sqrt(diag(oo_.var(1:4,1:4)))./oo_.mean(1:4);
dyntable(‘Relative standard deviations in %’,strvcat(‘VARIABLE’,‘REL. S.D.’),M_.endo_names(1:4,:),statistic1,10,8,4);

The last three inputs to the dyntable function are in order

label_width: number of characters used for label column
val_width: number of digits used for values
val_precis: precision of the values, i.e. digits after the decimal separator