Gali(2002) replication file

I have conducted research on Monetary Economics and have come across the paper “New Perspectives on Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle.”. I am really interested in this paper.
If it is possible,I would like to request for the dynare.mod or the programming code to replicate the results. I think that is the best way to fully gain an insight from your paper, This is solely for academic purposes

Thank you

You should try to replicate this yourself. It should be quite straightforward. It seems you only have to code equation (26)

Thank you! I will take a look more carefully. If I have some problems,I will get back to the forum with more specific questions.
All the best

Have you got the dynare code for Figure 3 and 5 in Gali’s paper 2002? If yes, could you share the code with me? Thanks a lot!

All the best!