I would like to run the FRB/US model

I have recieved the data, the equations, and the constants from the federal reserve

I am trying to figure out what the best system to run this model is

I would like to than be able to make the model open source

I have attached the files the Fed sent me - these files should be sufficient to run the model on TROLL
model.gz (11.7 KB)
hist.txt.gz (953 KB)
coeffs.gz (14 KB)

additional attachments explaining the model
guide to frb us.pdf (254 KB)
frbus_doc.pdf (368 KB)

Hi Tony,

I was actually looking for data for the FRB/US model but came across your question. Any info. on the contact point for the data will be great help, thanks. I was going to suggest the R software but saw your Q&A at the R site already. There are other free software that can interact with R too (Python and gretl): … trix.xhtml