Forecasting example using mode_compute=0

Hello! I am trying to do an out-of-sample forecast using mode_compute=0 but keep getting errors. Specifically, I have a sample ending on Q4 2019, of 5 observables on which parameters are estimated. I then want to give values for Q1 2020 to Q4 2021 for 3 of the 5 observables and get forecasts for all the variables (including non-observables) from Q1 2020 for 12 quarters. I want to use the posterior mode from the estimation for the forecast. The code I am using is quite large and complicated so I cannot post it here but I was hoping someone had a simple code they could post with the dataset that does something similar to this? I just want to see a minimal example of doing this so I can apply it to my case.

thanking you greatly in advance!

  1. What is the error message you are getting?
  2. Please elaborate on what you have in mind with your forecasts. What is the forecast horizon and what is the information set? What is the conditioning set?