Finding steady state values of endogenous variables


I have 10 endogenous variables in my model but some of the log-linearized equations of these depend the steady state values of these variables. i.e., the log linearized lending rate equation depends on its steady state value etc…

My question is, what is the best way to find the steady state values of these endogenous variables ? Do I need to use the “fsolve” in Matlab and solve x steady state equations with x variables while assigning numbers to the deep parameters of the model ? Then, do I need to treat these steady state values as parameters in Dynare or is there a way to import this “fsolve” page directly to dynare ?

I would be grateful just to know the optimal way of doing this and the procedure in steps ?

Thanks in advace

Another question,

Say I have the log linearized equation of the lending rate (iL) in the model block and as mentioned, it depends on its steady state value. How should I write the steady state value of iL (or any other variable for that matter) in the model block such that Dynare recognizes that these indeed are steady state values ?


look up the STEADY_STATE operator in the documentation.