Fcsolve seems to be undefined!

I encounter an error in some written codes/examples from fabio canova
It says:
Undefined function or variable ‘fcsolve’.
Error in growth_log_calib (line113)
Sol=fcsolve(‘growth_log_calib_ss’,thet0,[ ]);
Error in dynare (line223)
Evalin (‘base’,frame);

My friends had no problem runing it!
Thanks in advance


fcsolve is not a dynare routine (I suppose fc is for Fabio Canova). You probably have this file missing or an issue with the definition of the matlab path.


Fabrice Collard has a file with that name at http://www.harrisdellas.net/teaching/dsge_seminar/download/programs_2/fcsolve.txt

Hello and thanks for your help, in his class he told us to set path in matlab and choose add subfolder, science I recieved an error bcz of using subfolder, i chose set path: add folder! Bcz in dynare quick access it directly says: do not choose subfolders! Maybe this is the problem so, but how can i use subfolders without that error? thank you very much

Hello and thanks, science i am new to matlab and dynare i dont know how can that file help me! Can you add some details please? Thanks in advance

Just copy the content the file fcsolve.txt in a file called fcsolve.m (you can create this file in the matlab editor and save it in a place known to Matlab, e.g. where the mod-file is located).


Hello, thanks and again sorry for the disturb, when i make fsolve.m file and a the error is as follows: cannot find the exact case sensitive match for 'fcsolve’
The closest match is: fcsolve in c:\program files\MATLAB\R2012A\Fcsolve.m
Exactly where i have my mod file

  1. Matlab is case sensitive. You were supposed to save the file as fcsolve.m, not Fcsolve.m.
  2. Are you sure that it should be fcsolve.m and not just fsolve.m in that part of the code
  3. You are not supposed to run the mod-file in Matlab’s main directory.