Failure to Install Dynare on MacOS


Trying to install Dynare on a newish M2 MacBook (Somara 14.1)

I have tried both the arm version and the x86_64 version as my Matlab2022a is



I have also tried 6.1 and 5.5

I have tried reinstalling Xcode per a previous thread!

Help greatly appreciated!

Can you provide more details. What exactly is the problem or error message?

Screenshot attached. No filers/folder is installed so I cannot find any log file.

@wmutschl Any idea?

Installing into /Applications/Dynare might fail if you have older versions of Dynare installed in /Applications/Dynare. To fix this, modify the ownership by executing the following command in

sudo chown -R "$USER":staff /Applications/Dynare 

Or choose another folder under Customize.

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It’s a new Macbook so doesn’t have a version installed in the Application folder. Could this still be an issue?

Solution involved re-installing Matlab and updating it.