Failure to create .mod file scripts on my computer

Hello, I have installed the Dynare 4.6.4; I used it well for a couple of hours but then when I am trying to save the scripts as a .mod file, it turns out to become or to be saved as a video/music type .mod file, not the text mode readable by Dynare. so I am unable to run any scripts I write because of this disfunctional saving mode.
How can I save script as .mod (dynare) not as .mod video/music

And when I try to change the property of the file by opening it through matlab, matlab does not appear as an option to open the file.
Thank you

Dynare should be able to open .mod files. It is just that your OS (Windows, Linux,…) tries to open them with a video player app, VLC for instance. One way to open them through Matlab is to browse in Matlab to the folder in which your file is saved and open it from there with a double click. That has to work. You can also just open a new script in Matlab write your model in there and then save it as .mod.
You can further browse the Matlab settings in Preferences/Editor/Debugger/Language and include mod in the file extensions to make Matlab consider them as a readable file.

@DoubleBass is right. Open the files from within Matlab or Octave, not via the Explorer. Even if the filetype were linked to Matlab, it would not know how to run Dynare on them.

Thank you so much. I was able to apply what you said and it worked.