Extracting Structural Matrix

I am using the dyn_to_str.m (by Callum Jones) MATLAB function in order to extract the rational expectations structural matrices from my Dynare model.

However upon attempting to use the function, I get the following error message:

There doesn’t appear to be any issues with the Dynare generated M_ or oo_ files, so I’m unsure as to why I’m getting this error. Is anyone else familiar with this issue?

From the output it looks correct. what is the content of

Thanks for the quick reply Johan.

The content of dyn_in.M_ is just M_ from the Dynare output. Sorry for not including this in my initial message.

But in that screenshot, there is an underscore missing in M_

Indeed there is.

Fixing the typo results in the following error:

Please provide me with the file you are running to replicate the problem.

Email sent. Thanks Johannes. :slight_smile: