Estimation problem, identification(advanced=1)

Dear all, I get the following problem when I use identification(advanced=1) in the code. I don’t really understand what should I do then? How can I solve this problem?
==== Identification analysis ====

Testing prior mean
Error using .*
Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation.
Error in identification_analysis (line 252)
deltaM_prior = deltaM.*abs(normaliz1’);
Error in dynare_identification (line 308)
identification_analysis(params,indx,indexo,options_ident,dataset_, dataset_info, prior_exist, name_tex,1,parameters,bounds);
Error in finmodel2C2 (line 1953)
Error in dynare (line 223)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;
Related documentation (171.2 KB)

Sorry, but I cannot replicate the issue in Dynare 6. But there was a problem with your mode-file. Try
usedata_mode.mat (81.2 KB)

Use dynare 4.5.1

Professor, could you please tell me the details? I don’t know how to find the problem of my mode-file.

I use mode_compute = 6 then I get this mode-file

The mode file has a redundant space in the correlation parameters. I would recommend upgrading to Dynare 6.

I’ll try it ! Thank you Prof. Jpfeifer