Estimation in Dynare++, possible?


Is it possible to do estimation (e.g. SMM --simulated method of moments) in dynare++?


No. That is not possible. But usually there is no reason to use Dynare++ anymore as Dynare should not accommodate most features of Dynare++.

Thanks for your reply.

My case has to do with generating equity premium in a model with Epstein-Zin preference. Is dynare++ required for that ? When I solve the model in dynare, the equity premium is zero.

Why should it be 0 in Dynare. See e.g.

Thank you. It seems that papers with Epstein-Zin preference and Long-Run Risk tend to use dynare++ instead of dynare to solve their models? Is that because of the ability to handle higher-order approximation? Thanks!

Before version 4.6, Dynare could not handle anything above order=3. Now that restriction has been lifted.