Estimating correlation of shocks

I recently downloaded dynare 4.2.4 and had trouble with estimating the correlations of shocks with the CORR notation. Estimation of parameters and standard deviations of shocks are reported without a problem. For some reason, however, the alignment of the result table for correlation of shocks is all screwed up. In addition, the program reports “w=5” several times after the estiamtion is completed, which also does not make sense to me. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this. I tried with MATLAB 2006a and 2010a and both had the same problem. Previous versions of dynare were deleted before installing 4.2.4. A sample code and data file I used is attached. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
data_bcajp.m (5.9 KB)
bcabayesjp.mod (2.71 KB)