Errors with files attached to a economic paper


I’m new to Octave and Dynare. I try to run a script by J.F. Cogan, T. Cwik, J.B. Taylor and V. Wieland (2010), “New Keynesian versus old Keynesian government spending multipliers”, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control 34, 281-295. You can download the package here: …

After starting the model simulation, I get the following error message:

error: scalar cannot be indexed with .
error: called from:
error: /usr/share/dynare/matlab/sim1.m at line 115, column 5
error: /usr/share/dynare/matlab/simul.m at line 100, column 17
error: /home/robert/Arbeitsfläche/Code_CCTW_2010/start_CCTW.m at line 30, column 1

I’m running a Ubuntu 13.04 x64 machine and use the official ubuntu repos.

Are you using the Dynare version they recommend?

They recommend version 4.04 and Matlab 2008b. I use Octave and Dynare in the most recent version of the ubunto repositories.

The syntax for simul seems to have changed. Try the attached file.
start_CCTW.m (5.42 KB)

Thank you. Dynare can’t find SW_US_fiscal_LC.mod. Do you mean SW_US_fiscal2002?

No. The files were both contained in the zip-file you posted